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  • 1   2019-07-16 2018年澳大利亚图书馆与信息协会年度报告 (编译服务:图书情报)     

    2018 ALIA Annual Report

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  • 2   2019-07-16 ARL 2017-2018年度薪酬调查 (编译服务:图书情报)     

    This report analyzes salary data for all professional staff working in the 123 ARL member libraries during FY2017–2018. Data for 10,518 professional staff members were reported this year for the 114 ARL university libraries, including their law and medical libraries (862 staff members reported by 72 medical libraries and 715 staff members reported by 74 law libraries). For the 9 nonuniversity ARL members, data were reported for 3,259 professional staff members. Beginning, median, and average salaries by race, sex, years of experience, geographic region, and professional position for research, university, law, and medical libraries are covered.

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  • 摘要:

    A newly released American Library Association (ALA) report marks the 10th anniversary of the American Dream Literacy Initiative and celebrates the many ways that participating public libraries have transformed lives, strengthened their communities, and advocated tirelessly for adult literacy and lifelong learning.

    Funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the American Dream Literacy Initiative offers grants to U.S. public libraries to expand services for adult English language learners (ELL) or adults in need of basic education and workforce development. More than $1.5 million in funding has been distributed to 188 libraries since the program’s inception, reaching approximately 25,000 English language learners.

    With grants of $5,000 to $15,000, participating libraries have developed new courses, expanded their print and digital collections, increased access to technology, implemented new strategies for inclusion, and developed sustainable partnerships with organizations across their communities.

    View “American Dream Literacy Initiative: How 10 Years of Funding Has Helped Libraries Transform Thousands of Lives.”

    Findings shared in the report include:

    Employment is the No. 1 reason English language learners access their public library. Other reasons include supporting children in school, language acquisition, computer/internet use, education and citizenship.

    American Dream funding leads to deeper community connections. More than 65 percent of participating libraries reported that their American Dream grant funding improved networking with community partners and other libraries.

    Partnership is beneficial to program longevity. Grantees that developed partnerships were seven times more likely to have sustained their English language learner services.

    The report also highlights successes from American Dream libraries.

    Sterling Municipal Library (Baytown, Texas) saw library users increase 43 percent over the grant period; use of Rosetta Stone software increased from 252 to 426 hours.

    Guilderland (New York) Public Library trained 24 tutors who worked with 35 students both one-on-one and in small groups.

    Terrebonne Parish (Louisiana) Library System created Conectado, a campaign that included courses, story times and festivals to engage adult English language learners and celebrate Hispanic culture.

    Louisville (Kentucky) Free Public Library purchased iPads and software to help students study for citizenship and GED exams, improve their pronunciation, and learn English idioms and grammar.

    The American Dream Literacy Initiative is administered by ALA’s Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services (ODLOS) and Public Programs Office.

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  • 4   2019-07-16 2019年发展和获取信息报告 (编译服务:图书情报)     

    Development and Access to Information (DA2I) is a series of reports, led by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) in partnership with the Technology and Social Change Group, University of Washington (TASCHA), that monitor the progress countries are making towards fulfilling their commitment to promote meaningful access to information (A2I) as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • 5   2019-07-08 国际图联2018年度报告 (编译服务:图书情报)     

    Each year, IFLA Headquarters compiles its Annual Report which provides a comprehensive overview on our activities throughout the preceding year.

    The report gives IFLA Members and other interested parties full and transparent details on our activities, achievements and financial performance.

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  • 6   2019-07-08 美利国图书馆2019年度报告 (编译服务:图书情报)     

    The State of America’s Libraries report is a summary of library trends released during National Library Week, April 7 – 13, that outlines statistics and issues affecting all types of libraries. Never have our nation’s libraries played such a pivotal role in strengthening communities through education and lifelong learning. Libraries are a microcosm of the larger society. They play an important and unique role in the communities that they serve and provide an inclusive environment where all are treated with respect and dignity. No longer just places for books, our public libraries serve as a lifeline for some of our nation’s most vulnerable communities. From community-wide issues as illiteracy, homelessness and community silos, our nation’s public libraries are acting as catalysts in fostering community-wide solutions that strengthen communities.

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  • 7   2019-07-08 欧洲图书馆宣言 (编译服务:图书情报)     

    Libraries matter for Europe – they are key venues for learning and civic engagement, windows for all to culture and heritage, and drivers of research and innovation.

    And in turn, Europe matters for libraries.

    To be able to build stronger, smarter and fairer societies, our institutions depend on the decisions taken in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. We are looking for a Europe that helps us achieve our mission.

    That is why we, organisations representing libraries across Europe, encourage you to read and support this manifesto.

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  • 摘要:


    在这个快速变化的时代,美国图书情报教育协会(the Association for Library and Information Science Education,简称ALISE)仍然坚定致力于情报行业中已有及新型职业机会的教育实践和研究,做好国际领导者的角色。为了保持在图书情报教育领域的重要地位,ALISE起草了2017-2020“ALISE战略规划”,该规划旨在通过扩展ALISE在图书情报教育和实践领域的卓越领导角色,来解决满足现有和未来成员需求的四个战略导向问题,同时探索优良的财政和管理实践。






    1.1申请将JELIS纳入SCOPUS和Web of Science索引。


















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  • 9   2017-07-18 多样和兼容——ARL原则 (编译服务:图书情报)     



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  • 10   2017-07-18 图书馆热门技术趋势 (编译服务:图书情报)     




    1. 带用户进行虚拟参观

    2. 制作Google Cardboard系列虚拟体验案例

    3. 采用Google Expedition平台

    4. 在教育中运用游戏化平台

    5. 跟Code School学习编程

    6. 与爱好技术的学生们一起制作电路

    7. 引导用户做好私人浏览记录的保护工作

    8. 滚动骰子,创建安全密码

    9. 在数据驱动发展中精简工作流

    10. 开发自己的应用

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