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    The main aim of the national capacities review tool is to better understand existing capacities in the area of detection and response to a novel coronavirus (nCoV) that is zoonotic and causes respiratory disease. The tool was developed with other coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, in mind and in consultation with member states. This information will help national authorities to i) identify main gaps ii) perform risk assessments and iii) plan for additional investigations, response and control actions

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    该文档适用于疑似nCoV感染时患有严重急性呼吸道感染(SARI)的住院成人和儿童患者的临床医生。 这并不是要取代临床判断或专家咨询,而是要加强对这些患者的临床管理并提供最新指导。 SARI的最佳实践包括IPC和针对重症患者的优化支持治疗至关重要。

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  • 3   2019-12-23 感知到的在线隐私威胁:英国的互联网 (编译服务:图书情报)     

    Key findings of the 2019 Oxford Internet Survey include:

    • After many years of rapid change, parts of the Internet are stabilising

    • Internet users have rapidly increased banking, commercial and entertainment activity

    • Generally, there are small or no increases in content-production activities like posting

    pictures, commenting, reviewing, maintaining a personal website, or blogging

    • Access to the Internet has increased but only incrementally

    • Almost everyone under the age of 50 uses the Internet

    • There remain higher proportions of non-users below the median income (£28,400/year

    in 2018)

    • There are also disproportionate percentages of non-users among less-educated groups

    Key findings on harmful experiences include:

    • Harmful experiences on the Internet, like viruses or theft of credit card details, have

    been stable—they have not increased

    • Most users are not strongly concerned about the possibility of being a victim as a result

    of their Internet activity

    • The overwhelming majority of users do not like the corporate use of the Internet for

    targeted advertising

    • Most non-users are not interested in going online—they are non-users by choice

    • A small group of non-users (10%) say that the most important reason they are not online

    is because they are worried about their privacy

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  • 4   2019-12-12 2005-2018结核病研究资金趋势 (编译服务:结核病防治)     

    The latest report from the Treatment Action Group (TAG) and the Stop TB Partnership, on global funding trends for TB research and development (R&D), presents new data on TB R&D funding in 2018 and analyzes trends in funding since 2005.

    The report - Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends, 2005-2018 - is a critical accountability tool and serves as a barometer of progress in raising support for the scientific innovation needed to eliminate TB.

    Global TB research funding totaled US$906 million in fiscal year 2018, an increase of $134 million from 2017. This is the highest level of funding ever recorded by TAG. TB scientists and their advocates should feel encouraged by three back-to-back years of increasing investments from 2016 to 2018. However, the 2018 funding figure still falls more than half-way short of the US$2 billion annual target set at 2018’s United Nations High Level Meeting on TB.

    "The US$134 million increase in TB research funding is cause for celebration and shows that the tireless efforts of TB partners around the world are getting results," said Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership. "But this still leaves us short of the US$2 billion annual funding figure endorsed at the UN High-Level Meeting. Because we're off track, we'll now need to spend more each year to make up the deficit. We can’t afford to coast on recent momentum if we are serious about ending TB - it’s time to put our money where our mouths are".

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  • 5   2019-12-12 全球药物设施诊断目录2019年10月 (编译服务:结核病防治)     

    05 December 2019 I Geneva, Switzerland – The Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) has expanded its Diagnostics Catalog by adding an IGRA (interferon-gamma release assay) test for latent TB infection. The products required to run the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus) IGRA are now available at a GDF-negotiated price of $15.90 per test by the manufacturer Qiagen (Hilden, Germany). This price is offered to any public sector or not-for-profit buyer in low- and middle-income countries when procuring through GDF. For the full listing of products, see the GDF Diagnostics Catalog.

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  • 6   2019-12-12 2018-2022年全球终止结核病计划 (编译服务:结核病防治)     

    The Global Plan to End TB 2018-2022 is a costed plan and roadmap for a concerted response to tuberculosis (TB), aligned with the United Nations (UN) Political Declaration on TB. It provides an estimate of the resources needed to achieve the targets and commitments set at the UN High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB in September 2018. It provides an estimate for the resources needed to achieve these targets by 2022.

    The updated Global Plan for 2018-2022 is deliberately aligned to the time frame of the UNHLM targets, making it a tool for advocacy, resource mobilization, civil society, and community empowerment and accountability on the UNHLM targets and commitments.

    It is centered on strong political leadership to achieve the UNHLM targets and commitments.

    It breaks down the global targets of UNHLM into country shares in order to ensure that countries deliver on their commitments and collectively, the world reaches the agreed targets

    It provides an estimate of the resources needed to achieve the UNHLM TB targets and commitments, both for TB care and prevention, and for research into new tools.

    It highlights the need for a rights-based, people-centered approach community-based and gender-responsive TB services based.

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  • 7   2019-11-20 普通高等学校传染病预防控制指南 (编译服务:重大疾病防治)     

    教育部、国家卫生健康委印发通告,发布推荐性卫生行业标准《普通高等学校传染病预防控制指南》(编号WS/T 642—2019)。该标准自2019年7月1日起施行。该标准规定了普通高等学校法定传染病预防控制工作的范围、预防、控制和保障等要求,适用于普通高等学校的传染病预防控制工作。其他可能导致群体流行或群体性不明原因疾病的预防控制工作可参照执行该标准。该标准的发布为今后切实做好高校传染病预防控制工作,维护高校师生健康提供了有力保障和依据。





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  • 8   2019-11-20 儿童腺病毒肺炎诊疗规范(2019年版) (编译服务:重大疾病防治)     

     人腺病毒(Human adenovirus, HAdV)肺炎(以下简称腺病毒肺炎)是儿童社区获得性肺炎中较为严重的类型之一,多发于6个月至5岁儿童,部分患儿临床表现重,肺外并发症多,重症病例易遗留慢性气道和肺疾病,是目前造成婴幼儿肺炎死亡和致残的重要原因之一,需要高度关注。







      腺病毒肺炎最常发生于6个月至5岁,尤其是2岁以下儿童。患慢性基础疾病和免疫功能受损者(如器官移植、HIV 感染、原发性免疫缺陷等)更易发生重症。






















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  • 9   2019-11-20 中国心血管病报告 (编译服务:重大疾病防治)     




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  • 10   2019-11-20 全球艾滋病最新情况——以社区为中心 (编译服务:重大疾病防治)     









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