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1   2015-08-02 13:56:31.87 FAO/WHO为提高食品安全的风险沟通能力开发出一个新的资源 (点击量:1)

FAO/WHO develop a new resource for improving risk communication capability in food safety Background Global, regional and national food-borne disease outbreaks and frequently associated large food recalls have significant impacts on public health, agri-food production and trade, and economies. They can also affect consumer confidence in the safety of the food supply. Lessons-learned analysis of such events has highlighted a need for more effective risk communication.

2   2015-08-02 13:47:40.627 气调包装作为一个安全的方法在鲜切水果和蔬菜中的应用——回顾 (点击量:2)


3   2015-08-09 13:34:54.313 B组脑膜炎球菌荚膜疫苗:医疗专业人士发布海报 (点击量:3)

The new MenB vaccine (Bexsero®) will protect against meningococcal disease capsular group B. The vaccine will be added to the childhood immunisation programme as part of the routine schedule in England from 1 September 2015.This poster promotes the availability of the MenB vaccine for use in clinics, GP surgeries and other healthcare settings aiming to encourage parents to have their baby vaccinated against meningococcal capsular group B disease.

4   2015-07-30 22:04:13.94 神经酰胺3在美容产品中的安全性和风险性评估 (点击量:3)

神经酰胺3主要用作各类化妆品保湿剂。尽管有一些对于包含伪神经酰胺或者神经酰胺配方的安全性研究,已经经过监管部门的批准,在临床前和临床水平实施,并没有研究已经评估神经酰胺3的系统性毒性。为了解决这个问题,我们对神经酰胺和伪神经酰胺进行了风险评估和综合毒性评估。我们假设神经酰胺3存在于各种个人和美容产品浓度的0.5-10%。基于之前报道曝光数据,安全边际(MOS)适合于产品类型,使用模式和神经酰胺3浓度。口红中含有10%神经酰胺(MOS=4111)被认为是安全的,而含有0.5%神经酰胺3(MOS = 148)的洗发水是公认安全的。对身体乳液而言,手部(含1%神经酰胺3)和背部(含5%神经酰胺3)的安全边际值(MOS)分别是103和168.我们预计,面霜将含3%浓度的神经酰胺(MOS=149)是安全的。总的来说,该MOS方法表明对于含有小于1%的神经酰胺3化妆品是没有安全问题的。

5   2015-08-09 13:37:31.873 老年康复的营养筛选:营养不良筛查工具和简易形式营养评估的标准(并发和预测)的有效性 (点击量:0)

Nutrition screening is required for early identification and treatment of patients at risk for malnutrition so that clinical outcomes can be improved and health care costs reduced.To determine the criterion (concurrent and predictive) validity of the Malnutrition Screening Tool (MST) and Mini Nutritional Assessment−Short Form (MNA-SF) in older adults admitted to inpatient rehabilitation facilities.The MST showed good concurrent validity and can be considered an appropriate nutrition screening tool in geriatric rehabilitation. The MNA-SF may overestimate the risk of malnutrition in this population. The predictive validity could not be established for either screening tool.

6   2015-08-09 13:46:43.957 美国食品标签研讨会,2015 年-纽瓦克,新泽西 (点击量:0)

Representatives from Washington, D.C.-based firm OFW Law, will provide all in attendance with time-sensitive information and the knowledge needed to learn how important changes in food labeling could affect your products. This event will keep attendees aware of the latest developments impacting the labeling of food products as well as provide an overview of the basics of food labeling. Come prepared with notes and questions to make the most of this day-long seminar!

7   2015-08-09 13:36:04.62 对牛奶中的总胆固醇测定的一种简化的酶法 (点击量:1)

Methods for determination of milk cholesterol concentration were compared, with particular emphasis on an enzymatic method (ME). Bovine and human milk samples (n = 40) were pre-treated and analysed by three different protocols: (i) IDF Standard with gas chromatography (GC); (ii) direct saponification (DS) and GC; (iii) DS and ME with spectrophotometric determination. A simplified method (DS + ME) was developed with an acceptable coefficient of variation. The cholesterol concentration values assessed by DS + ME were higher compared with DS + GC. There were no statistically significant differences between the results obtained by the enzymatic and IDF method (P = 0.09). The mean cholesterol concentrations in bovine and human milk were 16.71 ± 4.21 mg dL−1 and 2.80 ± 0.65 mg dL−1, respectively. The new method developed was less time-consuming and more economical, and could be suitable for large-scale studies. High recovery (95%) obtained by ME indicates that the results are reliable and could be the basis for routine analysis.

8   2015-08-09 13:41:23.89 食品和药品法杂志专题讨论会: 宪法挑战FDA法律和法规 (点击量:0)

This academic symposium presented by the Food and Drug Law Institute, Georgetown Law and the O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law will focus on constitutional issues in food and drug law. Speakers will discuss cutting-edge legal issues ranging from the First Amendment to Preemption. Papers will be available to registered attendees in advance, and will be published in an upcoming issue of the Food and Drug Law Journal.

9   2015-08-09 13:40:41.477 基因型、 住房和干草补充对胴体性状和肉品质的生长肉兔的影响 (点击量:0)

The aim of the study was to examine the effects of genotype (Pannon Large × Pannon Ka/Large/or Hungarian Giant × Pannon Ka/Hung), housing system (Cage or small Pen) and hay supplementation (Pellet without or with Hay/P + Hay/) on carcass and meat (Longissimus dorsi/LD/ and hind leg/HL/) quality of growing rabbits. Large rabbits showed higher carcass weights, as well as higher fatness and meatiness compared to Hung rabbits. Caged rabbits were heavier, with higher prevalence of the mid part of the carcass, and showed higher fatness and lower meat toughness than Penned rabbits. Caged rabbits meat was richer in MUFA, but poorer in PUFA and Σ n− 6 FA. Hay supplementation impaired carcass weight, carcass fatness, L* and a* color, and lipids content. P + Hay increased the HL meat content of C18:3 n− 6 and C20:5 n− 3 FA. Overall results offer further information on how alternative breeds, housing systems and feeding strategies can affect carcass traits and meat quality.

10   2015-08-09 13:54:58.9 老龄化时期和冻结速率对牛肉腰间的质量的组合效果评价 (点击量:0)

The objective of our study was to evaluate the combined effects of ageing period and different freezing rates on meat quality attributes of beef loins. Pairs of loins (M. longissimus at 1 day post mortem) from 12 carcasses were divided into four equal portions and randomly assigned to four ageing/freezing treatments (aged only, frozen only, and 3 or 4 weeks ageing at − 1.5 °C then frozen). Two freezing methods (fast freezing by calcium chloride immersion or slow freezing by air freezer at − 18 °C) were applied to the loin sections. Fast freezing had no effect on shear force (P > 0.05), but significantly improved the water-holding capacity of the aged/frozen loins by reducing purge and drip losses. Ageing-then-freezing significantly improved shear force values of loins compared to both the aged only and frozen only loins. These observations suggest that fast freezing will add more value to the aged/frozen/thawed meat by minimising the amount of water-loss due to the freezing/thawing process.

11   2015-08-09 13:38:58.267 一项应用于半无水生活贮藏期的扇贝(栉孔扇贝)的基于GC-MS的代谢组学研究方法 (点击量:0)

We investigated the physiological changes in scallops (Chlamys farreri) during semi-anhydrous living-preservation using metabolomics method to obtain a guiding theory in optimizing the preservation conditions. Glycogen, lactic acid, and crude protein levels were measured in 1-day intervals for 6 days, the median lethal time.

The metabolite profiling of scallops after the preservation duration of 10% lethal time (3 days) was achieved based on methyl chloroformate derivation before GC-MS analysis. Carboxyl acids related to respiration (malic, fumaric, and succinic acids), fatty acids (C18:0, C16:0, and C22:6), and amino acids (phenylalanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, isoleucine, glycine, pyroglutamic acid, proline, leucine, and 2-aminoadipic acid) were identified as biomarkers. Our results demonstrated that scallops performed an elevated anaerobiosis and depressed aerobiosis, which were not caused by oxygen insufficiency. The switching of energy metabolism patterns and disorder of the osmotic regulation system were also observed, suggesting that oxygen supply is less important for optimizing semi-anhydrous living-preservation.

12   2015-08-09 13:34:41.787 由于缺乏无菌保证,摩西湖专业药店发布自愿召回未过期的无菌的人类和兽医的复合药物 (点击量:1)

The company has not received any reports of product contamination or adverse events to date, and is issuing this voluntary recall out of an abundance of caution following a recent inspection which identified an issue with sterility assurance.The recalled products were made from 7/21/2014 through 7/21/2015, and dispensed to patients or distributed to physicians for further administering to patients in the states of Arizona, Idaho, Florida, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

13   2015-08-01 17:09:34.467 干酪组合物和显微结构对大分子扩散的影响: 一项在漂白后使用荧光恢复 (FRAP)的研究 (点击量:0)

在干酪技术中,扩散现象在成熟过程中至关重要。为研究分子的扩散和奶酪成分或其微观结构之间的关系,漂白后荧光恢复技术被首次应用在真正的奶酪上。软质和硬质干酪的右旋糖酐群 (10-500 kDa)测量有效扩散系数,被发现与使用类似的无脂奶酪模型观察到值 (∼0.1-20 μm2 s−1)在相同的数量级。右旋糖酐扩散是主要取决于从奶酪中提取出来的“自由”水相的成分,紧紧与奶酪制作工艺和成熟期相联系。扩散系数通过作为一个右旋糖酐分子量的函数的幂律关系进行了模拟,允许一些对奶酪微观结构的研究。一个严格的蛋白网络将需要一些具有较高的分子量(大于250 kDa)的变形的灵活大分子,以从这种奶酪的孔隙结构里扩散出去。

14   2015-08-09 13:43:58.02 从胡芦巴提取的呋甾皂苷可以减轻由食物诱导引起的葡萄糖耐受不良和肝脂肪堆积 (点击量:0)

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of fenugreek furostanolic saponin (FenfuroTM) either alone, or in combination with chlorogenic acid (GCB-70TM) on insulin resistance in mice.The article's data suggest that fenugreek and green coffee-bean extract may have potential benefits in treating insulin resistance and related conditions.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

15   2015-08-09 13:45:15.257 处于屠宰、杂交和生长促进阶段的阉牛的臀中肌和半腱肌成熟的非还原性胶原的交联浓度的改变 (点击量:0)

Increased meat toughness with animal age has been attributed to mature trivalent collagen cross-link formation. Intramuscular trivalent collagen cross-link content may be decreased by reducing animal age at slaughter and/or inducing muscle re-modeling with growth promotants. This hypothesis was tested in m. gluteus medius (GM) and m. semitendinosus (ST) from 112 beef steers finished at either 12 to 13 (rapid growth) or 18 to 20 (slow growth) months of age. Hereford–Aberdeen Angus (HAA) or Charolais–Red Angus (CRA) steers were randomly assigned to receive implants (IMP), ractopamine (RAC), both IMP and RAC, or none (control). RAC decreased pyridinoline (mol/mol collagen) and IMP increased Ehrlich chromogen (EC) (mol/mol collagen) in the GM. In the ST, RAC increased EC (mol/mol collagen) but decreased EC (nmol/g raw muscle) in slow growing CRA steers. Also, IMP increased ST pyridinoline (nmol/g raw muscle) of slow-growing HAA steers. Results indicated alteration of perimysium collagen cross-links content in muscle in response to growth promotants.

16   2015-08-09 13:48:03.173 食品零售商如何来维持农产品的冷链 (点击量:2)

For retailers, the produce department is a key differentiator along with other fresh departments. In fact, according to the FMI U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends Survey in 2014, 38 percent of consumers report shopping at a retailer that is further away because of the quality of the fresh food.Retailers along with our supply chain partners, have every reason to maintain the cold chain whether it is to assure the safety and maximize quality of produce in order to provide the best shopping experience for our customers.

17   2015-08-09 13:50:58.58 初期的苦荞芽菜的潜在的生物可接受酚类物质、抗氧化活性和营养品质受到苯丙烷代谢前体饲喂启发的影响 (点击量:1)

This paper presents the study on impact of elicitation and the phenylpropanoid pathway feeding on the nutritional quality, the potentially bioaccessible phenolics and the antioxidant capacity of young buckwheat sprouts. Phenolics content was increased by elicitation and feeding with tyrosine and shikimic acid – an elevation of 30% and 17%, respectively. Antioxidant capacity was improved by feeding with tyrosine – an increase of 16.7% and 17.1% in both untreated and treated sprouts, respectively. The highest protein digestibility was determined for the control sprouts and those obtained after tyrosine feeding. The lowest starch digestibility was found for elicited sprouts obtained from seeds fed with tyrosine (a decrease by 52%). An increase of expected glycemic index by 38% was determined for elicited sprouts obtained after phenylalanine feeding. Starch and protein digestibility were negatively correlated with total phenolics (r = −0.55 and −0.58, respectively), however starch digestibility was also affected by resistant starch content.

18   2015-08-01 23:39:56.393 有关Β-葡聚糖的生产和工业应用的重要研究 (点击量:1)

对带有很多促进健康与益生特性的β-葡聚糖已经显现出了极大的兴趣。Β-葡聚糖是主要的生物活性化合物,因具有生物活性,包括抗肿瘤、 抗炎、 和免疫调节的特性,而被人们熟知。由于β-葡聚糖特定的物理属性,如水的溶解度、 粘度和凝胶,它越来越多地被应用于食物和其他行业。这篇文章的目的是对不同的来源β-葡聚糖,例如酵母,真菌,细菌和谷物,提取、 分离、 纯化技术的概述,目的是优化更有效的生产工艺及其的生产技术。此外,还总结了β-葡聚糖的理化性质、 化学改性以及在食品、药品、化妆品、及其他潜在的增值产品的可能的工业应用和未来前景的。数据表明,β-葡聚糖在当前和未来的全球食品和医疗部门,将发挥越来越大的作用。

19   2015-08-09 13:55:51.113 温度是BSA稳定微泡产量和稳定性的关键 (点击量:0)

The effect of preparation and storage parameters on the number, size and stability of microbubbles covered with bovine serum albumin (BSA) was investigated. A large number of microbubbles with a high stability was obtained at protein concentration of 7.5% or higher, at pH between 5 and 6, at an ionic strength of 1.0 M and at a preheating temperature of 55–60 °C. Microbubbles stored at 4 °C were more stable than those stored at room temperature. This was observed for a specific commercial BSA batch. We found that optimal preparation parameters strongly depend on the batch. Certain BSA batches were found not to lead to microbubbles at all. Microbubbles made with different protein concentration and preheating temperatures shrunk in time to a radius between 300 nm and 350 nm, after which the size remained constant during further storage. We argue that the constant final size can be explained by a thickening of the microbubble shell as a result of the microbubble shrinkage, thereby withstanding the Laplace pressure. The effects of protein concentration, pH and ionic strength on the number of microbubbles directly after sonication can be ascribed to the influence of these parameters on the adsorption speed and ability to cover the surface of air bubbles formed during sonication with enough protein to stabilize the bubble against coalescence and dissolution. We suggest that the effect of temperature during sonication on the formation of microbubbles can be related to thermally induced protein–protein interaction at the air–water interface.

20   2015-08-09 13:56:10.817 FOI对CNC调查儿童事件图像并无回应 (点击量:2)

A nil response to an FOI requesting details of how many offences involving indecent images of children have been dealt with by the CNC.