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1   2018-02-26 09:12:34.027 MFT 推出了可储存电力的海水淡化装置 (点击量:26)

COLOGNE, Germany – Membran-Filtrations-Technik GmbH (MFT), an Aquarion Group company, has introduced containerized desalination systems for producing drinking water from either seawater or brackish water.

德国,科隆—膜-过滤-Technik 有限公司 (MFT) 是一家 Aquarion 集团公司, 引进了集装箱化脱盐系统, 用于利用海水或者咸水生产饮用水。

Called the MFT RO 100 Desalination System, the unit is powered with only wind and solar energy, which is stored in lithium-ion batteries and has a capacity of up to 120 litre/hour drinking water output. The energy sources are 7,5KWp PV and 350W Wind turbine.

该系统称为 MFT RO 100 海水淡化系统, 该系统的动力来源是风能和太阳能, 能源被储存在锂离子电池中并提供高达120升/小时的饮用水输出。其能量来源是7,5KWp 光伏发电机和350W 风力涡轮机。

The MFT RO 100 Desalination System is ideal for low-power decentralized applications in remote locations where the energy supply is scarce. A remote-control system enables the company to monitor performance real-time from its headquarters in Cologne.

MFT RO 100 海水淡化系统是低功耗分散应用在能源供应稀缺的偏远地区的理想选择。远程控制系统使公司能够在科隆总部实施实时监控其性能。

The system records the weather conditions, how much electricity is being provided by wind and solar sources, how much water is being produced, and at what quality.

该系统记录了天气状况, 风能和太阳能提供的电量, 水生产量以及质量。

If drinking water quality were to fall below a certain limit, the system switches off automatically. Each system is pre-tested and pre-configured and is delivered as “plug and play” for simple installation.

如果饮用水质量低于一定限度, 系统会自动关闭。 每个系统都经过预先测试和预配置, 以实现简单的"即插即用"。

The first plant was shipped to a school in La Guajira, Colombia. This was a first step to operate a large number of decentralized standalone and CO2-free drinking water systems via a centralized cloud-based platform.

第一个工厂被运往哥伦比亚 La Guajira 的一所学校。这是通过云集中平台操作大量分散的饮水系统的第一步。

This MFT RO 100 can mix and match different raw water qualities (sweet/salt water) and different water output quantities. Power production and power use can be freely adjusted for different purposes. Typical applications for these small desalination systems include the production of potable water in individual homes, restaurants, small businesses, tourist resorts, remote camp sites, labor camps, smaller villages or communities with seawater or brackish raw water as the feedwater source.

这个 MFT RO 100系统可以混合和匹配不同的原水质量 (甜/盐水) 和不同的水输出量。电力生产和电力使用可以针对不同的目的进行自由调整。这些小型海水淡化系统的典型应用包括: 独立家庭、餐馆、小企业、旅游胜地、偏远营地、劳改营、小村庄或者以海水或咸水为水源生产饮用水的社区。

“With this developed drinking water system fully based on renewable energy and cloud-based remote control, we can produce drinking water at the lowest prices. We expect that this plug and play product will be sold a large number to all remote locations,” said Karl Michael Millauer, CEO of Aquarion Group.

"以可再生能源和云遥控为基础开发的饮水系统完全可以以最低的价格生产饮用水。我们希望这个即插即用产品将大量出售给所有偏远地区, "Aquarion 集团首席执行官卡尔. 迈克尔Millauer说到。

2   2018-02-27 09:18:52.813 欧洲科技:废水藻类转化为气体燃料 (点击量:25)

The much anticipated All-gas project brings together several European partners tocreate biofuel using algae grown from wastewater nutrients. WWi takes a look athow the project has accelerated and how the process could be retrofitted toexisting wastewater treatment plants along the Mediterranean belt.

预期的全天然气项目吸引了数个欧洲伙伴的注意, 利用废水养分中的藻类创造生物燃料。WWi研究了该项目如何加速, 以及如何将这一工艺改造地中海沿岸现有的污水处理厂。

Algae and in particular algal blooms have historically been considered a foe for thewater industry. Yet a European funded project in Spain has set out to provethat algae can actually be a best friend for wastewater and its inherentnutrients.

藻类, 特别是藻类的爆发历来被认为是水工业的敌人。然而, 在西班牙, 一个由欧洲资助的项目已经开始证明藻类实际上是废水及其固有养分的最好的朋友

In early December, the demo phase of the All-gas project was officiallyinaugurated as the largest site in the world for the production of biofuel fromalgae harvested using wastewater.

12月初, 全气项目的演示阶段正式开始, 成为世界上最大的用于利用废水收获藻类生产生物燃料的场所。

The Chiclana site inauguration attractedhigh-level visitors, including the European Union commissioner for energy andclimate change action, Miguel Arias Cañete

位于Chiclana的工厂吸引很多高级别的访问者,包括欧盟管理委员会能源与气候变化行动组的Miguel Arias Cañete

Frank Rogalla shows visitors why he believes“algae biofuel and water reuse synergy is a reality”.

Frank Rogalla向参观者展示藻类生物燃料以及水再利用的协同是如何成为现实的。

3   2018-02-26 09:15:51.523 国家资金推进加利福尼亚州脱盐工程 (点击量:28)

California water officials have approved $34.4 million in grants to eight desalination projects across the state, including one in the East Bay city of Antioch, as part of an effort to boost the water supply in the wake of the state's historic, five-year drought.

The money comes from Proposition 1, a water bond passed by state voters in November 2014 during the depths of the drought, and it highlights a new trend in purifying salty water for human consumption: only one of the projects is dependent on the ocean.

Instead, six of the winning proposals are for brackish desalination and one is for research at the University of Southern California. In brackish desalination, salty water from a river, bay or underground aquifer is filtered for drinking, rather than taking ocean water, which is often up to three times saltier and more expensive to purify.

加利福尼亚州,2018年1月31日—加州官员批准了3440万美元的赠款, 用于全国八个海水淡化项目, 其中包括位于东湾的东海湾市, 这是该州在经历5年干旱后积极推动供水的一积极举措。这笔资金来自于2014年11月在干旱最严重时期由州选民通过的一份水债券, 它突出了在净化咸水方面的新趋势: 只有一个项目依赖海水进行净化。

相反, 其中6个项目是针对于咸水的淡化,1个项目是针对南加利福尼亚大学的研究。在咸水淡化中, 河流、海湾或地下含水层的咸水被过滤饮用, 而不采用海水, 因为海水的含盐量通常是其他水体含盐量的3倍,其净化成本更高。

(AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi, File) In this Sept. 4, 2015 photo is the Carlsbad, Calif. desalination plant. America’s largest seawater desalination plant, the $1 billion facility produces 50 million gallons of drinking water for the San Diego area each day, but at a cost double the price of other sources


4   2018-02-28 09:39:29.137 Severn水务公司选择Evoque技术公司为其Finham水厂提供除磷技术 (点击量:17)

Evoqua Water Technologies (NYSE: AQUA) has been selected by Severn Trent Water and its design and construction partner, Costain Ltd., to supply Evoqua's CoMag® ballasted clarification system to reduce phosphorus at the Finham Sewage Treatment Works in Coventry. Finham will be Europe's first wastewater treatment plant with a permanent installation of Evoqua's ballasted settling technology, which has been proven in facilities throughout the United States for more than a decade.

匹兹堡, 宾夕法尼亚州, 2018年1月29日--Evoqua 水技术公司 (纽交所: AQUA)以及其设计以及建造伙伴商Costain有限公司已被SevernTrent水务公司选中以提供 Evoqua CoMag®压载澄清系统, 以减少 Finham 污水处理设施中的磷含量。Finham 将成为永久安装 Evoqua 压载沉降技术的第一个污水处理厂, 这项技术已在美国成功运行10年。


5   2018-02-28 09:35:42.0 Grahamtek向开普敦提供了价值210万美元的临时脱盐工厂 (点击量:24)

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Engineering company GrahamTek has built a desalination plant to provide emergency supply during Day Zero, when water is expected to run out in Cape Town.

The US$2.1 million plant has already been built, using reverse osmosis membrane technology, and will be able to provide between 2500 m3/day and 12,500 m3/day of potable water.

The company is in the advanced stages of negotiation with authorities to agree a location.



6   2018-02-27 09:19:55.073 迈阿密-戴德州利用处理后的污水来修复核冷却水河道 (点击量:24)

MIAMI, FL, JAN 31, 2018 -- With Miami-Dade facing a state deadline to stop dumping wastewater into the Atlantic Ocean, Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced a proposal to partner with Florida Power & Light on a plant that would treat sewage and pump it to the Turkey Point nuclear power plant site.

迈阿密-戴德州, 2018年1月31日—随着迈阿密-戴德州面临着停止向大西洋倾倒废水最后期限的到来, 卡洛斯市长Carlos Gimenez宣布了一项建议, 即与佛罗里达州的电力和照明厂合作, 该工厂将处理污水并将其泵送到核电厂所在地。

While details remain vague, Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced in his state of the county address on Tuesday an agreement with FPL to share the cost of building a wastewater treatment facility at the county’s south district station. Treated wastewater would then be used to clean up the troubled cooling canal system at Turkey Point’s nuclear reactors, which has been leaking into groundwater and creating a saltwater plume threatening nearby drinking wells. That same water would also be used to cool a natural gas unit.

虽然细节仍然含糊不清, 市长Carlos Gimenez于周二宣布其所在县与FPL合作共同建设位于本县南部地区的污水处理厂。处理过的废水将用于清理出现问题的核反应器冷却河道系统, 该反应堆已经泄漏到地下水中, 并造成了威胁附近饮用水井的盐水羽流。同样的水也会被用来冷却天然气。

7   2018-02-26 09:13:45.987 Flsmidth和Goldcorp公司获得采矿水管理奖 (点击量:23)

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, AJN 29, 2018 -- FLSmidth and Goldcorp are the joint winners of the Mining Magazine Editor's Award 2017 for developing EcoTails™, a new mining system that improves tailings and waste rock disposal while recovering as much as 95% of the tailings water.

EcoTails combines two major footprint consumers in mining operations; the tailings facility and the waste rock facility. By dewatering tailings via fast filtering technology and recycling the water back into the process, the system dramatically improves tailings and waste rock disposal, while allowing water recovery of up to as much as 95%. By combining dewatered tailings with waste rock, the EcoTails system creates a stackable GeowasteTM product with less impact on the environment than waste rock or tailings individually.

哥本哈根, 丹麦, AJN 29, 2018-FLSmidth 和 Goldcorp 公司是2017年针对EcotailTM开发的杂志编辑奖的联合获胜者, 这个新的采矿系统改进了尾矿和废弃岩石的处置,同时回收多达95% 的尾矿水。

EcoTails 在采矿业务中结合了两个主要的足迹消费者;尾矿设施和废弃岩石设施。通过快速过滤技术对尾矿进行脱水, 将水再循环回工艺中, 从而大大改善了尾矿和废弃岩石的处理, 同时使水的回收率高达95%。通过将尾矿脱水与废弃岩石相结合, EcoTails 系统创建了一个堆叠的 GeowasteTM 产品, 对环境的影响比单独的废弃岩石或尾矿少。

8   2018-02-26 09:11:20.27 沙特阿拉伯庞大的海水淡化开发促进了海水预处理公司的发展 (点击量:17)



JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia - The much anticipated Rabigh 3 independent water project (IWP) being developed by Saudi Arabia’s Water & Electricity (WEC) is moving along to potentially become one of the largest desalination developments in the world.

JEDDAH,沙特阿拉伯—沙特阿拉伯水电公司 (WEC) 正在开发的 Rabigh 3 独立水项目正逐渐成为世界上最大的脱盐发展之一。

A total of nine developers have now been pre-qualified for the 600,000 m3/day project, expected to be commissioned by October 2021.

目前, 共有九名开发商负责 60万 m3/day 的项目, 预计将于2021年10月投产。

The nine pre-qualified groups, with lead developer listed first, include:


- Valoriza

- Veolia, Marafiq, Amwal al-Khaleej, Advanced Water

- Suez Group, El-Seif Engineering, Gulf Investment Corporation

- Malakoff

- Marubeni, Acciona Agua, Abdul Latif Jameel (Almar Water Solutions), Rawafid Holding


- Engie

- Acwa Power

- Engie.